Bathroom U-Shaped Grab Bar Flip Up

Designer: Aicube

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  • Item NO.: HB-L658

  • Product Origin: China

  • Color: Bright chrome and Mat Black

  • Shipping Port: Huangpu,Shenzhen

  • Size: 658mm

  • Price: please contact for a quotation


Practical Health Care: The handicapped bar is designed for the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled individuals and post-operative mobility-impaired people, guarding the people who you love and their safety. Install this hand rail nearby washbasin, toilet, bathtub, shower room to help you get up and sit down.


  • Premium Quality- The U shaped toilet grab bar is made of high quality aluminum alloy thicken material and support up to more than 120kgs load-bearing. The durable filp up bar provides a reliable handhold whether you're showering, bathing or using the toilet. Bright chrome color matches most of the bathroomware. Fashion anodized black is also available.The handrails have passed the static test and life cycle test according to ISO 17966:2016

  • Ergonmic Design: The bathroom grab bar adopts ergonmic design, which accords with the grip feeling of the people. The smooth surface and curved design make it comfortable to hold and never hurt your hands. 

  • Saving Space -The folding grab bar, with 90° vertical filp-up design, help you save precious space when the bar is not in use.  The safety bar has a long life service.

  • Height Adjustable- The height adjustable grab arm is attach on the vertical wall track . The height is adjustable by loosing the side lock machanism by hand without any tools. 

  • Install Easily - This toilet grab bar with completed accessories to ensure long-lasting service life and stability, easily attaches the vertical wall tack to the wall. You can make this grab handles be your bathroom helper in a short time.

     Please Note: The foldable design is for raising the bar to a vertical position when not needed, but there is probably a little horizontal wiggle when pulled down, please don't worry that It's a normal and secure when using it.


1. The bathroom safety grab rails and wall track system are constructed with super solid anodized aluminum.

2. The end of the gripping bar is made of PA6 and 30% reinforced glass fiber. 

It provides a clear sense of where the support arm ends.

3. The hing barrel is capped with TPE plastic.

4. The fixing kits and fasteners are made of stainless steel.

5. The front cover of the vertical wall track is PVC.


One piece in one brown carton. Carton size:  805x270x250mm. Gross weight: 5.9kgs


1. The Aicube Care product is to be cleaned with hot water or a mild soapy cleaning agent.

2. We recommend that chalky deposits be removed from aluminum parts using a solution of 3:7 acetic acid: tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts must be wiped over with a damp cloth, wrung out in clear water. The product must be wiped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water immediately after cleaning, as some materials may otherwise be discolored and stained, and the surface coating may deteriorate.

Warm Note: Do not use chlorine based, corrosive or abrasive cleaners as it may result in the surface being damaged.

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